House of Leaves

by Longlast

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EP written the night after a break-up and left entirely unedited.


released January 26, 2011

Longlast is James R. Bell (words) and Joe Lowdon (music).



all rights reserved


Longlast Newcastle, UK

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Track Name: I Don’t Know How You Ever Miss My Big Mouth
We lay in a stillness, our eyes no longer our own. The heat of summer was at our skin. I thought that I would never be able to describe it: the way your eyes flickered up and down (but always returned to mine), the way you bit your lip from time to time, the way the world seemed perfect.

I thought I would never have to.
Track Name: Batman Pen
Sweat covered, we lay in each other’s arms. You smiled a lot then.

The first time we argued we did not argue. We smiled a lot then.

Now it is November. The world is getting cold. I am not scared with you near.

I lay awake until I heard your breath get heavy. You were in my arms all night.

Now it is December. It is cold. I am scared.

And I cannot sleep.
Track Name: 7am
My head just won’t stop fucking screaming: cries to nothing. If I could just close my eyes, I would open them somewhere new. Mo(u)rning.

I haven’t seen 7am
since God knows when.
Track Name: Shakespeare Can’t Exist Outside of Words
We got out of bed at four in the afternoon. Ten seconds later you shouted ‘Fuck!’ I did not know how to help. I did not know what was wrong. I did not know.

They say that someone wrote one hundred and fifty sonnets, to two lovers. I wrote one, to one. You couldn’t see the point.

I bet he was lonely.
Track Name: It Hurts To See You Act Like This (Grow the Fuck Up)
Knives have no steel like this, no taste so bitter, no, only the malice of the wielder. We will live through this I know, but for what? endless hours? pain? no taste is so bitter as this, I take a drag from my cigarette and it does nothing. I need more, I need anything – something to hold onto, something that no-one can take away – something inside, separate from you.
Track Name: Expect Nothing And You’ll Get Worse
I left the wine bottle out for three days, the blanket too. I would not let them move anything. I would not let them move me.

It got to midnight late, and shadows fell down upon the last supper. I would not let them move me. They could not carry me up the hill.

The house was cold, dark, dead without her breath. I would not let them move me. Thirty pieces would not be enough for that task.

I stared up at our blackness. I could not let them move me. You did.
Track Name: This is Not for You
I do not know what month it is.
I do not know what day it is.
I know I am alive.
I will get better. For me.

I am sorry, with every breath.